4 Free Ways to Harness the Power of AI on Your Phone

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4 Free Ways to Harness the Power of AI on Your Phone

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our daily lives, offering new ways to interact with devices and access information. From personal assistants to photo editing tools, AI has reshaped smartphone experiences. Yet, many people are unsure how to harness AI’s power on their phones or assume it comes with additional costs. To dispel these notions, here are four ways you can tap into the power of AI on your phone for free, maximizing productivity, entertainment, and more.

  1. Bing Chat, offered by Microsoft, is a revolutionary feature that provides free access to GPT-4, the latest state-of-the-art AI developed by OpenAI. This allows users to interact with a highly advanced conversational AI directly from their Bing app, providing information, answering queries, and engaging in detailed discussions. Furthermore, Bing Chat supports voice input, enabling users to search and get replies with the convenience of voice commands, offering a hands-free, interactive experience. What makes it even more appealing is its global accessibility – regardless of where you are in the world, you can take advantage of this amazing feature. Just visit to start your AI-driven conversation with Bing Chat.
  2. Perplexity is a completely free mobile application that offers powerful AI-based search functionalities. With a voice search feature integrated, it lets you perform queries in a hands-free mode, making it an extremely user-friendly option for when you’re on-the-go or multi-tasking. You can use Perplexity to effectively search the internet, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to deliver highly accurate results. Visit the following link to download and experience this AI marvel:
  3. ChatGPT official app is a free platform available on iOS in select countries. It uses GPT-4, one of the most advanced language processing AI models, to carry out meaningful and natural-sounding text conversations. Subscribers to ChatGPT Plus gain even more benefits such as general access even during peak times, faster response times, and priority access to new features and improvements. One of the noteworthy features of the app is the ability to input commands by voice, which combines the conveniences of a virtual assistant with the sophisticated conversational abilities of GPT-4.
  4. Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ feature is an innovative tool that is directly integrated into the Snapchat app and provides unlimited free use. Powered by advanced AI technology, ‘My AI’ serves as an intelligent digital companion that is ready to answer all your queries anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s about your Snapchat settings, finding new filters, understanding new features, or even seeking advice on general topics, ‘My AI’ is designed to provide instant, personalized responses. Accessible and easy to use, ‘My AI’ transforms your Snapchat experience, making it even more interactive and user-friendly.

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