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Bigjpg is an AI-powered image enlarging tool that allows users to upscale images without compromising quality. It uses Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNN) to intelligently reduce noise and serration in images, making them appear larger and more visually appealing. It supports various types of images, including photos, cartoons, and anime-style artworks.

The tool is faster and more stable than other software tools like Photoshop, producing a higher quality result. It keeps colors well-maintained, with no visible noise or doubling, which significantly contributes to the quality of the resulting images.

Bigjpg also provides an API for developers to use in their applications. It offers both free and paid plans, with free users being allowed to upload images up to 3000x3000px and 5MB in size, with a maximum enlarging ratio of 4x. In contrast, paid users can upload images up to 50MB in size with a maximum enlarging ratio of 16x and access to an independent high-performance server for faster and more stable enlarging.

Paid users can also benefit from using the parallel enlarging and batch mode features. Bigjpg ensures user privacy by automatically deleting uploaded images and enlarged images after five days and encrypting image links.

Overall, Bigjpg is a convenient and reliable tool for users who require high-quality image enlargements, and its support for both free and paid plans, as well as an API for developers, makes it a versatile and valuable tool.


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accurate tool

Rated 5.0 out of 5
July 5, 2023

This AI tool’s sentiment analysis accurately captures the emotions behind images, providing valuable insights for marketers and brand managers

Charlotte Scott

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