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Netomi presents a state-of-the-art AI customer service tool, surpassing traditional chatbots to provide unparalleled automated support for enterprise-level businesses.

The tool is dedicated to caring for valuable customers, resolving up to 80% of routine queries in real-time, which businesses have worked hard to acquire.

Netomi’s AI customer service offering encompasses a suite of products, including conversational AI, email resolution, chat interface, and webforms. With impressive claims of increasing support team capacity by 5x and achieving a remarkable 90% ticket resolution rate, Netomi delivers on its promises.

A standout feature is the tool’s multi-lingual capability, providing customer support in over 100 languages. Netomi’s seamless integration with all customer communication software and back-end business systems ensures a deep conversational channel integration with existing platforms.

The AI system behind Netomi’s customer service solution leverages deep learning technology, creating a unique customer intent model based on historical context and current sentiment analysis, leading to higher customer satisfaction rates.

Flexibility is at the core of Netomi’s AI, operating in both autopilot and co-pilot modes. It can act as an automatic agent or an assistive companion, streamlining workflows among customer service representatives.

Emphasizing omnichannel capabilities, Netomi’s conversational AI-powered solution allows customers to interact via email, chat, messaging, voice, and SMS, providing a seamless and consistent experience.

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Netomi, elevating your customer service to new heights through advanced AI automation. Enhance customer satisfaction and empower your business with Netomi’s innovative customer service tool.


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