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Quilgo is a comprehensive online testing platform that empowers users to create quizzes and administer online tests with a wide range of features. With its user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly add questions, specify correct answers, assign scores, and enhance quizzes with rich text, sections, and media.

To diversify quiz content, Quilgo offers the option to enable the Question Randomizer and Shuffling features. This ensures that each test taker receives a unique set of questions, enhancing the integrity of the assessment process. Moreover, Quilgo provides AI proctoring tools that utilize smart screen, camera, and action tracking to discourage cheating and maintain the reliability of online testing.

Quilgo goes beyond basic functionalities by offering advanced scheduling options. Users can schedule the start time, set deadlines, and enable response auto-submission, providing a robust and stress-free testing experience for both administrators and test takers.

The platform supports various integrations, including Google Forms. Users can seamlessly transition from Google Forms to Quilgo Forms without the need for coding, thanks to the provided add-on tool. This flexibility allows users to leverage their existing forms while benefiting from Quilgo’s advanced features.

Trusted by thousands of organizations in over 80 countries, Quilgo has facilitated millions of online tests and exams. Users can get started with 50 tests for free, without the requirement of providing credit card information. Additionally, Quilgo prides itself on delivering excellent customer support and guidance to its users, ensuring a seamless experience.

In summary, Quilgo is a feature-rich online testing platform that simplifies the creation and administration of quizzes and tests. With its robust features, integrations, and AI proctoring tools, Quilgo offers a reliable and convenient solution for organizations and educators worldwide.


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