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Soundraw is an AI-powered music generator that offers a variety of customizable music options for creators to use in their projects. It is an ideal tool for individuals who are looking to create original music without spending a significant amount of time or money.

Soundraw provides users with the ability to choose from a wide range of genres, moods, and lengths. Users can also customize the tempo, instrumentation, and other musical elements to suit their preferences. This feature makes Soundraw versatile and useful for a variety of creative projects, including videos, podcasts, presentations, and more.

The service is available through a personal plan or a monthly plan. The personal plan comes with a yearly subscription of $16.99/month and offers unlimited song generation, bookmarking, and up to 50 songs per day downloads. The monthly plan costs $19.99/month and also includes these features.

Additionally, all Soundraw content comes with a royalty-free license that allows users to use the music in a variety of settings, including Youtube, Social Media, TV, movies, web ads, corporate videos, live broadcasting, podcasts, radio programs and ads, guided meditations, audio books, music streaming, games, apps, NFT, store BGM, and events. This license is permanent and users can continue to use the songs they generate even after they unsubscribe from the service.

Soundraw is a user-friendly and efficient tool that can help creators save time and resources while still producing high-quality, original music for their projects. Its affordable pricing and versatile features make it a great choice for a variety of creative needs.


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game-changer in the industry

Rated 4.0 out of 5
July 5, 2023

This AI tool is a game-changer in the industry, setting new standards for innovation and propelling businesses to new heights

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