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Stable Diffusion WebUI Forge

Stable Diffusion WebUI Forge


The Stable Diffusion WebUI Forge is an optimized platform based on the Stable Diffusion AUTOMATIC1111 interface, designed to enhance resource management and accelerate inference. It efficiently handles GPU memory usage, enabling a 2-3x increase in maximum resolution and a 4-6x increase in batch size on mid-range GPUs. Additionally, Forge introduces a groundbreaking “UNet Patcher” feature, streamlining the implementation of extensions such as video diffusion and Zero123 in just 100 lines of code. It incorporates extra functionalities like masked control nets and samplers that were absent in the original WebUI, all while retaining the familiar AUTOMATIC1111 interface.

Forge provides a convenient one-click installer package on its GitHub repository, bundling Git and Python for a swift and hassle-free setup process. Alternatively, users can opt to install it from the source by cloning the GitHub repository, installing prerequisites such as Git and Python, and executing the launch script.


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