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Do you list tools for free?

Yes, we regularly list tools that we discover for free. However, please note that submissions or boosting of your tool may require payment. The reason behind this is threefold: Firstly, managing the demand for free submissions was becoming challenging. Secondly, we have observed that serious founders tend to invest in their products. And finally, your support is essential for us to continuously run and improve our platform.

When will my tool be listed?

Once you submit your tool, we aim to review and publish it within 24-48 hours. If, for any reason, your tool doesn’t meet our listing criteria, we will promptly issue a refund.

How do I get the best exposure for my tool?

To ensure the best exposure for your tool, provide us with a concise and clear description that can be easily found through our AI search. Additionally, we use screenshots from your landing page, so make sure to showcase your tool’s value early on the page. Many of our visitors are searching for tools to address specific tasks, and we want to make it simple for them to find your tool through our semantic search.

Why are prices lower than other directories? was founded with the vision of creating a platform for founders to promote their exceptional products and gain visibility. Our primary goal is to provide an affordable option for showcasing your tools.

Do you guarantee sales or traffic?

While we can assure you of exposure, we cannot guarantee specific sales or traffic to your tool. Our visitors’ engagement is organic, and whether they click on your link depends on their interests and needs.

How can I get featured?

To get featured, you can either choose the boosted submission option during the submission process or reach out to us directly.