Top AI Writing Tools With Free Trials

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Top AI Writing Tools With Free Trials

In today’s fast-paced digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, including writing. 

AI-powered writing tools are gaining popularity due to their ability to enhance productivity and produce high-quality content. 

If you’re a content creator or a student looking to improve your writing process, you’ll be delighted to discover the top AI writing tools that offer free trials. 

In this article, we will explore four cutting-edge online writing tools:,,, and ChatGPT. 

Each of these tools brings unique features to the table, catering to different writing needs. 

Let’s delve into the details and find the perfect match for your writing endeavors!

Comparison Table:

WebsiteFeaturesTemplatesTurnaround TimeHuman InteractionPricing
PerfectEssayWriter.aiPlagiarism Checker, Grammar EnhancementAcademic Essays, Business Reports, Creative WritingFastOption for Human EditorsSubscription Plans
MyEssayWriter.aiTopic Generation, Sentence RephraserAcademic Papers, Blog Posts, Social Media ContentSpeedyHuman Guidance AvailableFlexible Plans
EssayService.aiResearch Assistance, Thesis Statement GeneratorEssays, Annotated Bibliographies, DissertationsTimely DeliveryInteraction with WritersCompetitive Pricing
ChatGPTConversational AI, Multilingual SupportConversational Scripts, Q&A Format, Story OutlinesInstant ResponsesHuman Reviewers PossibleFree and Subscription Options is a powerful AI-driven writing tool that focuses on producing impeccable essays. Whether you’re a student struggling with academic assignments or a professional seeking well-crafted essays, this tool has got you covered.


Plagiarism Checker: comes with an integrated plagiarism checker to ensure the authenticity and originality of your content.

Grammar and Style Enhancement: The tool offers advanced grammar and style suggestions, helping you refine your writing and make it more eloquent.

Citation Generator: With a vast database of citation styles, this tool can automatically generate citations and bibliographies, saving you time and effort.


Academic Essays: provides templates for various academic essay types, such as argumentative, expository, and persuasive essays.

Business Reports: For professionals, there are templates available for creating comprehensive business reports and analyses.

Creative Writing: The tool also offers templates tailored for creative writing tasks like short stories and poetry.

Turnaround Time and Human Interaction:

Turnaround Time: boasts a fast and efficient writing process, allowing you to generate well-structured essays within minutes.

Human Interaction: While the tool is primarily AI-powered, it provides an option to connect with human editors for additional feedback and refinement.

Pricing: offers a variety of subscription plans to suit different needs, starting from a reasonable monthly fee for unlimited access to the platform’s features. is an intuitive AI writing assistant designed to cater to a wide range of writing tasks. Whether you need assistance with academic papers, blog posts, or creative writing, this tool can be a valuable asset.


Topic Generation: can generate creative and engaging topics based on your input, saving you the trouble of brainstorming.

Sentence Rephraser: The tool offers a sentence rephrasing feature, helping you restructure sentences for better clarity and coherence.

Language Translation: supports multiple languages, enabling seamless translation of content for a global audience.


Academic Papers: provides templates for various academic documents, including research papers, book reviews, and lab reports.

Blog Posts: If you’re a blogger, you’ll find pre-designed templates to create informative and captivating blog posts.

Social Media Content: This tool offers templates tailored for crafting engaging social media posts and updates.

Turnaround Time and Human Interaction:

Turnaround Time: excels in speedy content generation, ensuring you meet tight deadlines without compromising quality.

Human Interaction: While primarily an AI tool, allows users to seek expert human guidance for more complex writing projects.

Pricing: offers a flexible pricing structure, allowing users to choose between affordable monthly plans or pay-as-you-go options for occasional users. is an AI writing platform specifically designed for academic writing assistance. With its comprehensive features and academic-oriented approach, students can elevate their writing to new heights.


Research Assistance: can help you find credible sources and reference materials for your academic papers.

Thesis Statement Generator: The tool offers a thesis statement generator, making it easier to craft a strong foundation for your essay.

In-text Citations: It provides assistance with in-text citations, ensuring your academic writing adheres to the proper citation formats.


Essays and Research Papers: offers a wide range of templates for essays, research papers, term papers, and more.

Annotated Bibliographies: For academic projects requiring annotated bibliographies, the tool provides pre-formatted templates.

Dissertations and Theses: It also caters to postgraduate students with templates for dissertations and theses.

Turnaround Time and Human Interaction:

Turnaround Time: focuses on ensuring timely delivery, particularly crucial for students facing assignment deadlines.

Human Interaction: The platform allows students to engage with experienced writers for additional guidance and feedback.

Pricing: offers competitive pricing, with options for one-time purchases or subscription plans for regular users, all at affordable rates.


ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a versatile language model that goes beyond essay writing. It excels in providing natural and interactive conversations, making it a fantastic tool for content creation and brainstorming ideas.


Conversational AI: ChatGPT is designed to engage in interactive conversations, making it ideal for brainstorming, content ideation, and creative writing sessions.

Multilingual Support: The tool supports multiple languages, enabling seamless communication with users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Task Assistance: Whether you need help with writing, programming, or general knowledge, ChatGPT can provide valuable insights.


Conversational Scripts: ChatGPT can generate conversational scripts, which are particularly useful for content creators aiming to create engaging dialogue.

Q&A Format: It offers templates for Q&A-style content, making it easier to structure informative articles and FAQs.

Story Outlines: For authors and screenwriters, ChatGPT can help create compelling story outlines and plot ideas.

Turnaround Time and Human Interaction:

Turnaround Time: ChatGPT delivers instant responses, making it highly efficient for real-time conversations and content generation.

Human Interaction: While predominantly AI-based, ChatGPT allows users to incorporate human reviewers in the loop to ensure content accuracy.


ChatGPT offers a range of pricing options, including a free version with limited access and affordable subscription plans for extended features and benefits.


With these remarkable AI writing tools offering free trials, writers of all kinds can harness the power of artificial intelligence to create exceptional content more efficiently than ever before. 

Whether you need help with academic writing, blog posts, or interactive brainstorming, these tools have got you covered. 

So, why not take advantage of the free trials and embark on a writing journey enhanced by the wonders of AI!