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Motion is an AI-powered productivity app designed to enhance efficiency and organization by managing calendars, meetings, projects, and tasks. With its comprehensive set of features, Motion aims to help users streamline their workday, prioritize tasks, resolve scheduling conflicts, and achieve greater focus.

The app boasts significant time-saving capabilities, claiming to save users an average of 30.3 days per year through automated planning and scheduling, as well as simplifying the management of various tools such as calendars, to-do lists, and project management.

Motion offers four core features: a calendar, project manager, task manager, and meeting assistant, all of which can be customized to align with the unique needs of each user. This flexibility ensures that Motion can cater to a diverse range of use cases, including service businesses, IT service providers, marketing agencies, design agencies, law firms, consulting businesses, tradespeople, repair and installation firms, real estate management, functional teams, startups, product teams, marketing teams, sales teams, and executive teams.

Key functionalities within the app include an intelligent calendar view, automatic task prioritization, rescheduling of unfinished work, deadline reminders, and the ability to track progress and add notes, attachments, and comments to tasks and projects. These features empower users to stay organized, collaborate effectively, and keep projects on track.

Motion also offers the convenience of creating custom meeting templates and sharing availability to facilitate the booking of time on the user’s calendar. The app strives to schedule meetings back-to-back to minimize interruptions, optimizing productivity.

With a user base of over 20,000 professionals and teams, Motion has garnered a reputation for its effectiveness and is trusted by CEOs and top performers in various industries.

To allow users to experience its benefits firsthand, Motion provides a 7-day free trial, ensuring individuals can explore the app’s capabilities before committing. Additionally, the app offers a hassle-free one-click cancellation process for users who may need to discontinue their subscription.

In summary, Motion leverages artificial intelligence to empower users with efficient calendar management, task prioritization, project tracking, and meeting scheduling. By offering a unified platform that integrates multiple productivity tools, Motion simplifies workflows, enhances collaboration, and helps users achieve their productivity goals.


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